Traditional Method: designed and refined for special occasions


VSQ White Pinot Noir


“I Ger” is produced by the vineyard which is located on the hills exposed to the sun at an altitude that goes from 250 to 300 meters on the level of the sea.  

Upbringing: guyot


It’s produced only in the good harvests. The grapes are picked in boxes of 18 kg and only the first squeezing out is kept. The wine remains on the subtle dregs until the moment of the forced draft.

Grapes: Pinot Noir 100%


The bottles piled up remain on the yeasts before the “remouage”. Then, the bottles are opened out and dosed with the same wine.


It’s yellow and to the sense of smell it is strong with scents of star anise, honey and evolution notes. In the mouth it’s balanced and with a good sourness and persistence.

It contains sulfites

Customers are advised that the aforementioned sheet is exclusively informative and does not bind the characteristics of the product, which could be different from vintage to vintage, depending on the seasonality of the grapes