Il Bardughino

Still Malvasia to be enjoyed immediately or to be forgotten in the cellar


White IGT (Typical Geographic Indication)


 “Il Bardughino” is produced in vineyards located in San Damiano al Colle. The vineyard is located on the hills exposed to the sun at an altitude that goes from 250 to 300 metres on the level of the sea.

Upbringing: guyot 


It’s produced only in good harvests. The grapes are picked in boxes and ferment to a very low temperature in reduction.

Grapes: Malvasia 100%


It’s straw-coloured, to the sense of smell it is strong with an apricot, pear and balsamic herbs’ scent. In the mouth it’s balanced, hot, with a good and lasting structure.

It contains sulfites

Customers are advised that the aforementioned sheet is exclusively informative and does not bind the characteristics of the product, which could be different from vintage to vintage, depending on the seasonality of the grapes.