Oltrepò Pavese
is a very generous land,
so that it is possible
to make different types
of good wines.
Here is our production
by type: for each wine
there is a technical sheet
downloadable in pdf format


Luogo d'Agosto

Traditional Method Pinot Noir

Note d'Agosto

Traditional Method Pinot Noir Rosé

I Ger

Traditional Method Pinot Noir


Il Bardughino

Dry Malvasia

Il Campetto

Fizzy Pinot Noir


Il Cassino

Lively Bonarda

Il Soffio

Still and dry Bonarda


Il Beneficio

Red wine reserve

Il Pozzo


Al Negrès

Pinot Noir

The label: between Art and History

Beppe Pasciutti, an italian artist native from Lomellina, is the author of the original labels that characterize our wines. 

The original symbols of the pre-cuneiform Assyrian and Babylonian writing, that represent the Sky, the Earth and the Water, are the constructive moment of the work. The later addition of the autumnal colors in the Oltrepò land on one side, and, on the other, of the triangles, that suggest the passing of the original symbols and, then, the flux of the things, completes esthetically everything. 

The label try to link the primitive aspect that has characterized the writing types of the first great society existed and the style typical of the avantgardes of the first years of the XX century. It’s clear, indeed, the reference to some artists like, Joan Mirò, exponent of the Surrealism. 

The study of the pre-cuneiform symbols is used by the artist in the day-dreamer and unconscious representation of the Oltrepò Pavese. It is, exactly, an abstract and evocative expression, characterized by the presence of signs and colours, that represent symbolically the reality in a joyful and dynamic way.

Great is the fortune
of he who possesses a good bottle,
a good book, a good friend