Luogo d’Agosto

Luogo d'Agosto - Champagne Method
Luogo d’Agosto – Champagne Method

White Oltrepò Pavese Metodo Classico DOCG (Denomination of Guaranteed and Controlled Origin)


“Luogo d’Agosto” is produced by the of the same name vineyards. It’s located on the hills exposed to the sun at an altitude that goes from 250 to 300 metres on the level of the sea.

Wine making:

It’s producted only in the good wine years.
The grapes are picked in boxes of 18 kg and only the first squeezing out is kept (40% of the initial grape).
The wine remains on the subtle dregs untill the moment of the forced draft, where the “forced draft syrup” is added. Then, it’s bottled, plugged with the crown cork and laid down in pile for the foam hold.


The bottles piled up remain at least 36 months in contact with the yeasts before the “remouage”, to arrive in the future to 70 months. Then, the bottles are opened out and dosed with the same wine.

Sensorial characteristics:

It’s straw-coloured with a little of copper; it’s strong to the sense of smell with a peach, balsamic herbs and star anise’s scent. In the mouth it’s balanced and with a good sourness and persistence.

Food-matching:: all meal wine.
Service temperature: 6°-8°
Grapes: Pinot nero 100%
Upbringing: guyot
Production: 7000 kg/ha
Installation density: 5000 logs/ha
Plot: clay with an high limestone contents
Alcoholic contents: 13% vol.
Full-scale sourness: 7 g/l
Remaining sugars: 1,5 g/l
Full-scale SO2: 75 mg/l
Ageing: at least 36 months on the yeasts and 6 months in bottles after the opening out.

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