How we work

Our vineyards are located in the municipality of San Damiano al Colle mainly, while, less, in the municipalities of Rovescala and Montù Beccaria, for a total amount of 9 hectares.
The varieties cultivated are: Barbera, Chardonnay, Croatina, Malvasia, Riesling, Uva Rara, Pinot Nero for vinification in white and Pinot Nero for vinification in red.

The business philosophy is based on quality, in all phases of the production:

  • in the vineyard we don’t use chemistry synthesis fertilizers and we tend to reduce the grapes production for log with agronomic technical like:
    • high density system: high number of logs per hectare to increase the competition among the logs and to reduce the quantity of grapes per plant (with resulting more concentration of polyphenols and sugars);
    • cutting: a part of the harvest is removed to reduce the production per log;
    • durable grassing: we need it to increase the competition between the grass and the grapevine logs, to reduce the production and prevent the danger of erosion of the plot;
  • in the wine cellar we prefer operations that bring out the wines quality:
    cryomaceration: temperature’s reduction till 8° – 5° to increase the extraction of aromatic essences (36-48 hours);
    low temperature fermentation: 12° – 14° for the white wines, 16° – 20° for the red ones, to preserve the aromatic essences;
    long macerations: contact between peels and must. It takes 20 days for sparkling wines, whereas 40 days for wines for ageing;
    – eventually, refinement in barrel and in bottle.